It is a standard type game on the ball in which more than 1 party is linked to explore the multiple winners. In simple words, we say playing with your small essential has the chance to win big. 

Many people can start playing mix parlay by mixing at least 2 matches as well as the smallest bet is 5000.

Let us know about mix parlay 365 credit unit, deposit as well as withdraw the amount. 

The credit for playing uses units of 1/1000 of the value of the rupiah currency. If you want to about deposit amount then its minimum deposit amount will be IDR 25,000 as well as its minimum withdrawal amount will be 50,000.

If you have to face a problem with live chat then avoid making a deposit or withdrawal process via live chat. Then you have to fill the form of deposit and withdrawal form for making a transaction. 

What are the rules of mix parlay 365

  • If we see on the concerning sites then the minimum amount for betting is 5 credits or IDR 5,000.
  • The maximum stake amount is 500 or IDR 500,000.
  • Here we will combine a minimum of 2 matches as well as a maximum of 15 matches. 
  • For handicap, the rule of the betting is the minimum bet is 10 credits or IDR 10,000.
  • Also, the maximum bet amount is 10,000 or the value of IDR 10 million. 

People think that what about his bet if a match is postponed as well as canceled. Then you never worry about it. In this game, the bet is calm running. Especially in the case of a match postponed, it will be not counted or is considered as a draw. 

For a handicap bet, your bet will be canceled as well as your credit will be returned to approve the stake amount. 

How did we register on this site? 

On this site, they didn’t want email, cell phone number, as well as account number, which have never been recorded on the website before. 

They want an email that is in use an active as well as a confirmed email address. You must have an active mobile number for confirmation. 

For avoiding fake details or data, then they ask you to confirm your’re as well as phone number via OTP. After successful registration or confirmation, you will get a free bet. 


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