Steps to Getting a H1B Visa


Working in the United States is a great honor that many people around the world aspire to do. But in order to work in America, a person must first apply for and be given a visa. If you are looking for the right kind of visa, then you will want to think through the h1b visa law los angeles. There are a lot of things that must happen in order for you to acquire the visa. Here are some of the steps to getting an H1B visa.

Important Steps to Getting the H1B Visa

The steps to follow include:

  • Finding a sponsor that is willing to hire you as an employee with the sole purpose of sending you to the United States. They must be willing to move you the country for the purpose of working for them.
  • The employer has to meet and complete everything on the application process. This means that all the paperwork needs to be filled out and submitted before the visa can be granted.
  • Your employer will need to submit a form I-129 after the LCA has been approved by the governing officials.
  • Your employer must also submit an application at the embassy or consulate in order to get the needed visa.

There is a lot that must be done before the visa can be issued. If you need any help, it would be advisable to obtain the services of a lawyer that specializes in such visas.


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