Is it time to change life? Start Bodybuilding with Legal Steroids


Is it time to change life? Now we’ll check whether you are ready for this or not, and what stages you need to go through to lose weight, start training with kettlebells, or simply lead a healthy lifestyle.

When I was studying a few years ago, most of the program was occupied not with the solution of the question “how to exercise and Buy Legal Steroids Online” (although it would seem, what else?), But of counseling: the answer was asked to the question “how and what to talk to the person who needs to change the way of life ”, but not at all“ what is and how many approaches to do. ”

So, one of the topics that clarifies a lot was the trans-theoretical model of behavior change. I will try to briefly describe it in relation to issues of a healthy lifestyle and then we will discuss who has what stage of behavior in accordance with this model.

Why is it needed in practice? Then, that the advice of all wise men “eat less, move more” is so simplified that it cannot be applied in real life, which turns out to be more complicated than the scheme “today I am one person, tomorrow I woke up – already different”. In his decision to change habits, a person goes through several stages, at each of which different actions are useful. There are 5 such stages:

  1. Before thinking

At this stage, a person often does not see the problem and has no intention of changing. Or admits that there is a problem, but does not want to change. Perhaps a sense of hopelessness from unsuccessful previous attempts.

A frequent life situation is when we try to “lose weight” someone — mom / dad / spouse and lose, which is natural, given that at the stage of “before thinking” the exhortation to do at least a dozen squats is irrelevant.

  1. Thinking

Here, a person already clearly recognizes the imperfection of his lifestyle, but rushes between the reasons to change and the reasons not to change. This condition can last for years in anticipation of the right moment or the fact that somehow everything will resolve itself. For example, like this: “When I change my work for more money, I will sign up for a fitness club, hire a trainer and a nutritionist, and then I can take care of myself.”

  1. Preparation

If you get to this stage, then it’s good 🙂 It involves a willingness to act in the near future – up to a month. Maybe you bought a kettlebell and read Girevichka.RU to understand what to do next, maybe flipping through recipes in search of healthy dishes.

  1. Action

Hurrah! We passed the first 3 stages and finally came to real action! They can be large (regular training / full normalization of nutrition), and may be smaller in scale, but also important (include 3 servings of vegetables daily in the menu / make 100 swings every day).

But it’s too early to calm down. Disruption from this stage is most real during the period from 3 to 6 months of being in “action”. Therefore, the next stage is ahead.

  1. Maintenance

In this state, you have formed stable desired behavior and habits. It’s a wonderful time when proper nutrition and physical activity have firmly entered your life. Nevertheless, the ghost of a “breakdown” always looms somewhere behind and you should never relax with a cavity.

Rollback from each of the stages to the previous one or generally through one is generally normal for a person. This is life. You may have to go through this circle more than once. A study on smokers, for example, showed that people go on average 4 rounds of “rollback-return” before entering the long-term maintenance phase.

From this, by the way, one good conclusion follows, which many will not hurt to draw in relation to oneself: “disruptions from the drawn path should not be viewed unambiguously negatively.” Of course, there is no reason for delight, but a neutral assessment is quite reasonable. Disruptions are part of the forward process.


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