Choosing the right type of wood for furniture.


The market holds a different type of woods for furniture, falling into three different types which are

  • Hardwood.

These are broad-leafed trees that lose their leave annually. They are known to grow slowly than softwood, due to this they develop denser wood fiber. Most woods are known to float on the surface of water but interestingly some hardwoods like the Black ironwood sinks in water since it is the heaviest.

The fact that their growth is slow makes hardwood expensive. Their slow growth enables them to be durable and the best for making furniture. For better furniture, choose the best Hardwood cut stock for your project.


  • Softwood


Softwood are seed-bearing evergreen trees. Examples are pine, spruce, fir, cedar, juniper, redwood, and yew. They grow tall and straight hence available in long straight planks of woods. They are not denser than hardwood, this makes them the easiest to cut down.


  • Exotic woods.


The wood is manufactured by being treated through chemicals and processed using heat to make sure they meet certain sizes difficult to achieve naturally. Examples of these woods are medium Density Fiber Board, Plywood, Oriented Strand Board, and Composite Board.

Each type of wood above has different and specific characteristics which makes it appropriate for different purposes. All the woods can make furniture but the end products will be different since each wood has its main purpose which it works best. For this reason, it is appropriate to choose wood that fits your project and budget. This is because choosing the right wood for furniture helps in determining the right price for your products.

Characteristics of wood.

Woods have different characteristics which makes each a good fit for a certain purpose.


  • Density


This is specifically the ratio of the density of wood to that of water or in simple terms the weight or mass of a unit volume of wood.


  • Grain 


This is the alignment of the wood elements in relation to the lumbers axis


  • Color


Wood colors vary from yellow, green, red, brown, black, and nearly pure white woods exist, but most woods are shades of white and brown


  • Finish


This is the finishing process when making furniture, you can define it as making the product surface fine or protecting it. This is what attracts customers mostly.

Best woods for furniture.


  • Maple


It is a hardwood with a light color, popularly preferred for cabinets and dressers because of its hardness.


  • Cherry


Cherry is categorized as a hardwood. Strong and versatile, with a reddish-brown color, mostly used for both construction and furniture. It is one of the most expensive hardwood.


  • Pine


Its color varies from pale to yellowish. Pine is often used for interior window sills and door frames. 

Other woods best for furniture include Peak, Mahogany, Cedar, Walnut, and Hickory.

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