7 facts about insects


Have you ever looked at a procession of ants under a magnifying glass, or tried to catch a butterfly during the summer, or have you heard cockroach chirping at night, you know exactly how these insects can be interesting, here are some interesting facts about some insects Which you are sure will interest you.

1- There are more insects in the world than any other group of animals on Earth:

Perhaps you’ve already guessed it after seeing ants, butterflies and beetles everywhere, and scientists point out that insects make up 90% of all animal species on the planet, and more than half of all living creatures, can be found in almost every habitat of snowy mountain peaks to Deserts, and that insects have been around for more than 400 million years, meaning they are older than dinosaurs and flowering plants.

The largest rank in insects is the sheaths of the wings or the real beetles rank, which consists of (300- 400) thousand types, followed by the rank of wing guardians, then the rank of butterflies and moths, followed by those with wings, and real flies, and then membranous wings, followed by the rank of ants, bees and wasps It is believed that it will take more than a million ant to weigh up to one person.

2- The mosquito bite is more when the moon is full:

Scientists have not yet determined the cause, but studies show that mosquitoes are more active during the full moon, and in fact, mosquitoes can bite more than 500%, so the next time when the moon is complete, you may want to get ready insect spray.

The biggest people, pregnant women, people who suffer from nervousness, and those who sweat a lot, and who suffer from the smell of the feet are always more attractive targets for mosquitoes for various reasons, so if you move a lot when mosquitoes are close, you are more likely to get bites by 50%, This is one of the reasons why you sit still.

3- Butterflies taste with their feet:

We taste our tongues but the insects do not have a tongue. Instead, the insects taste the pods or parts of their mouths, or at least most of them do so, butterflies taste food in a unique way, they taste with their feet.

Butterflies land on their food, using special chemical receptors at their feet to see the taste of food before eating it, and when the time comes for females, butterflies lay eggs, they go from one plant to another, they land on their leaves, and they are drumed on their feet, and in this way it is possible to know if the leaves of the plant will be Delicious enough for the larvae to eat, the larvae spend most of the time eating to grow, stay in only one plant, and eat as many leaves as you can, and if the eggs hatch on the wrong plant, the larvae may not eat at all, and we We all know what happens to creatures that don’t eat. They die.

4- Moths cannot fly during an earthquake:

Moths are from the family of butterflies, and mites cannot fly when there is an earthquake, and even scientists are not sure but they believe that mites use a gyroscopic system or my balance to fly, so wings and the sensor pods act as a gyroscope, which is like a kind of spinning wheel hanging in three rings, and as you can say It is not a very stable system and this is the reason that mites are no better than birds, as they often flutter tirelessly, and when there is an earthquake, it becomes unstable, which makes it difficult or even impossible for them to obtain an understanding of the environment around them And maintain his balance, which is why he is It remains completely still, as they may be safer in this way.

5- The fireflies sometimes blink their lights in harmony:

Many insects can flash but fireflies are the only insects whose lights can flash intermittently, and this can be done because of a compound called sephyrine that they carry in their bodies, and when this chemical comes in contact with air, it lights up, and surprisingly, fireflies It produces more efficient light in the whole world, so it uses all the energy in the form of light and not as heat.

Fireflies flash their lights to warn predators and also for mating, and all species have their own flashing pattern, but there is one type, called synchronous fireflies, sometimes the lights flash all at the same time during the mating season for two weeks, and this attracts the attention of females in the region, Who can then choose her partner.

6- Dung beetles damage dung balls in a straight line:

The beetle is greatly disgusting, and we know that because they deal with animal dung, they eat it and live in it, and even you can lay eggs in it, yes, but it can also be amazing, because it can wrap dung in balls, and not all dung beetles It does this, and it spoils dung balls for their nests in a straight line, by using stars in the Milky Way galaxy like a compass, and dung beetles are very powerful animals, they can be small but they can spin a ball of dung up to ten times its weight, that’s like a man tries to Wraps a fully grown cow, and remember that beetles do it in straight lines.

7- Bees love to dance:

We all know humming bees, but do we know that bees are very adept at dancing, and bees live in hives and most of them are working, and some of the workers are from the scouts, which means that they go out in search of food, and once they find food they return to the hive, and tell Others are where the food is, but how do you tell them ?, of course dancing.

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