Top 5 Study Tips


Good study habits are crucial for students, whether you are in high school, college or graduate school. In our increasingly digital world, there are many distractions that can make it a challenge to focus on studying. Here are some tips to help you develop habits that will help increase your productivity and maximize your study time.

Stay Organized

Try to make sure you have a well-organized study space. There should be plenty of room for your books, notes, educational aids and laptop. You may also want to put limits on when you are allowed to browse social media websites and check your cell phone in order to minimize distractions.

Take Good Notes

Good notes are key to a productive study session. Write down all the important facts, but don’t get distracted by irrelevant information. Ask your professor if you are concerned that you missed something. You may also want to ask for permission to record the class so that you can review it with your notes later on. A study group can also be a good way to compare notes with others.

Make a Plan

Planning study sessions can make you more productive. Make sure you are aware of the dates of any upcoming exams and schedule study sessions in the weeks leading up to them. You should also develop a routine by studying at the same time each day.

Make Time For Breaks

Avoid burnout by taking breaks when you are studying. This can be as simple as getting up and taking a ten minute stretching break every few hours. Also be sure that you give yourself a day off every week, if possible.

Stay Balanced

Finally, make sure you don’t neglect other areas of your life. Studying should be an important part of pursuing your educational goals, but you should also make time for family, friends, hobbies and exercise.


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