7 reasons why you are not winning in rummy


Rummy is all about the application of your multitasking skill sets. You might win or lose. But, the skilled player will learn from his or her mistake whereas some might blame their luck for losing the rummy game. The primary reasons why you lose at the online rummy game portal while playing are listed below –

  1. You are not well-versed with your basics – No matter which variation of the game you are playing, you need to get your basics right on your fingertips. Revise and re-revise to avoid making stupid errors. The goal should always be to make a pure sequence as early in the game as possible.
  2. You forgot to revisit your strategy and improvise on it – Application of skills is a basic essential in the game of rummy. The players need to draw and discard cards to make valid sets with the 13 cards in hand. Master the art of devising strategies to suit your needs in the game. Analyze your cards carefully and make wise use of joker to complete a non-pure set. Do not hold on to the high-value cards.
  3. You never know when to drop the game and end up playing with a bad hand- Make a proper analysis of your cards and if it is not a good hand to play with, quit without thinking further. Playing with a weak set of cards only increases your chances of losing big. While playing in online portals, a lot of people keep hoping and praying for some miracle. This should be avoided.
  4. Do not let your emotions drive you while playing the game be rational –It is only intelligent to keep your emotions aside while playing rummy. You can either be happy with your victory or supremely devastated by the loss. Neither of the two emotions should guide your frame of mind for the next play. One should instead take a short break and freshen his or her mind before restarting. This can increase the quality of your performance to a great extent.
  5. Avoid multitasking and do not be distracted –The access to easy Internet keeps you from concentrating. You might suddenly remember a pending task while playing rummy in a site like Rummy Passion or any other such online portal. You suddenly find yourself surfing websites, shopping portals, chatting with friends or complete some unfinished office work. It is strongly recommended to keep your focus solely on the game.
  6. Know cards of your hands–Most players form their hand with only 3-4 cards. It is possible to make a set, sequence and pure sequence. One must understand that a hand consists of the entire 13 cards, a sequence can be formed with 3-7 cards, and a set with 3-4 cards.
  7. Do not play when tired or sleepy – When you are too tired or sleepy, it might not be the perfect time to play rummy. The game involves making quick calculations and sheer unhindered dedication. If you are looking to play for leisure purposes only practising your hand in tournaments is the best option at your disposal.

Becoming aware of the reasons that are hindering your success is very beneficial, or else you are in the game to only invite further loss. The above tips will certainly help to get back the momentum and win big while playing the online rummy game.

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