Wondering how to order a steak? Here’s a steakhouse guide!


Everyone has their own preference in eggs. The same is true with steaks. It may take a bit of trial & error to find your favorite. If you are visiting a new steakhouse, you have to decide on something at the least. In Montreal, you can select Restaurant Rib N Reef for the best steaks, but before you order, here are some of the basic aspects worth knowing.

Know the popular steaks

Every steak has some level of marbling, which refers to the fat that runs through the entire portion of the meat. As the steak gets cooked, the fat melts, which keeps the core or center of the steak juicy and flavorful. There are a wide range of cuts to choose from. If you don’t mind that extra dose of fat, go for ribeye steak, which is also extremely high in calories. Tenderloin, such as filet mignon, is the leanest steak you will find with little or no fat. When in mood to share that meal with someone, go for T-bone or porterhouse. The latter is bigger and contains two steaks in one – NY strip and tenderloin.

How would you like your steak?

That’s probably the most common question that waiters ask at a steakhouse. This basically refers to the doneness of the meat. Rare basically means uncooked meat, and there are many takers for that. On the other hand, some people like steaks to be well-done – Not a great idea for lean cuts, but again, everyone has their thing. If you want to play it safe, always ask for your steak to be medium-rare. That will mean that the steak will have a crusty, brown upper, with a juicy inside.

Do order the sides

If you are conscious about calories, Caesar Salad is a good option to try on the side. Greek Village Salad is also a decent salad on the side. With steak, you can consider other things include Smoked Salmon, seafood platter, Fresh Shucked Oysters, and Chorizo Sausage. Every steakhouse has its own collection of good recipes beyond steaks, so asking for recommendations is never a bad idea.

Do I need a steak sauce?

Well, that depends. Some foodies and those who appreciate steaks for flavor often choose to avoid steak sauce altogether, while others prefer to try the in-house sauces. As a rule of thumb, if your steak doesn’t have enough of fat marbling, getting steak sauce is a good idea.

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