Dealing With Wrong-Way Accident Injuries In San Diego


Wrong-way driving is a situation in which the driver operating the vehicle drives in the opposite direction of the travel on a highway and crashes with an automobile traveling in the right direction. Wrong-way accidents cause 300 to 400 deaths per year in the USA. In such circumstances, contacting a car wreck injury lawyer California is the best.

Although wrong-way accidents are relatively uncommon, they are one of the major reasons to result in a fatality. They are one of the most dangerous accidents. Therefore it is important to consult a motorcycle injury lawyer California, who knows how to deal with the consequences of a wrong-way accident in California.

Causes of a Wrong-Way Accident:

One of the most common reasons for wrong-way accidents is incorrect and irresponsible driving. Other major causes are that should be checked with an 18-wheeler injury lawyer California before filing for compensation are:

  1. Drivers driving under the influence of drugs.
  2. No signboards on the road.
  3. Tired drivers.
  4. Poor design of ramps.
  5. Drivers suffering mental health issues.
  6. Improper markings on-ramps.

Dangers in Wrong-Way Accidents

Wrong-way driving can cause severe injuries that may even result in death. A person involved in this kind of accidents can suffer major other injuries like:

  1. Mental Trauma: It is one of the most common after-effects of an accident. A person who survives a crash needs a lot of emotional help to get back to the original self.
  2. Broken Bones: If the collision is too powerful, the bones of arms, neck, or face may get broken.
  3. Head Injuries: A head-on collision can result in a disastrous head injury if the driver is without a helmet.
  4. Burn Injuries: In the wrong way accidents, the vehicle may catch fire, which may result in severe burn injuries.

How to Deal With Wrong-Way Accidents?

Due to an increase in the number of wrong-way accidents, the San Diego government has been making innovative efforts. This includes various design features like more wrong-way warning signs, sensor detection, wring way arrows on the pavement, better lighting in dangerous areas, and building of concrete structures to prevent wrong-way vehicle entry.

Besides the efforts of the government to avoid such accidents, there are other techniques, too, to avoid wrong-way drivers. Some of the ways are:

  1. Travel in the right lane.
  2. Look beyond the first few cars ahead to confirm if any hazard is approaching.
  3. Slow down when you see a wrong-way driver.
  4. Get off the highway
  5. Call 911

Besides these precautionary measures, if you or your near one becomes a victim of a wrong-way accident, it is always advised to take the help of an experienced lawyer who can help you to recover fair compensation for all the loss that you have suffered. Insurance companies try their best to pay the sufferer as little as possible, but with the right guidance, things become easier to deal with.

A wrong-way accident can cause some serious injuries or loss of life too. It can put a lot of burden on the sufferer like the inability to go to work, multiple medical bills, and suffering. An experienced accident lawyer can save you from this trauma through effective legal representation.

If you are someone who is a victim of a wrong-way accident, contact Nakase Law firm as soon as possible to avail of quality legal advice. The lawyers of the firm have years of experience in negotiating with insurance companies.


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