Why You Should Hire a DUI Attorney


Driving under the influence can have major consequences. For one, you could put yourself at greater risk of getting into an accident. Secondly, you could severely damage your car. Not to mention, the cops can arrest you for drinking and driving. If you have a long record of DUIs, the cops can hold you in jail for a while. Then, you have to go in front of a judge and state your case. But you shouldn’t do this alone. You need the expertise of a DUI attorney Jacksonville to guide you.

A Higher Chance of Winning Your Cases

Not being familiar with the law can really be a problem if you’re trying to fight your DUI case alone. You probably don’t know what to say to the judge or jury. You also may not fully understand the severity of your charges. On the other hand, an experienced DUI attorney is familiar with DUI laws in your specific state. He or she will know how your prior record – if you have one – can affect the severity of your punishment. This way, he or she can provide the best possible defense to win your case. That’s because your attorney can quickly learn the facts of your case and keep up with court proceedings.

If you have to serve time for your crime, your DUI attorney may advise you to accept a plea bargain where you plead guilty to your charge in exchange for a lighter sentence. He or she will negotiate the best possible deal so that you can spend the least amount of time possible behind bars.

Dealing with a DUI case can be eye-opening. But you don’t have to go down without a fight. Enlisting the help of an experienced DUI lawyer can boost your chances of winning.

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