When Is Retrofitting Right for You?


Replacing your home’s air-conditioning unit can be one of the most daunting aspects of owning a home. A/C units provide essential comfort to your home, and having work done on them can be both costly and time-consuming. For this reason, it is essential to consider all available options.

Retrofitting is the process of converting your A/C system to a new coolant or ventilation system with the help of AC repair Austin services. Instead of simply replacing your current system, this common service allows for more flexibility by adapting the current system in your home to make it more efficient. Here are four situations where retrofitting may be the best option.

Your Home Is Old 

Living in a house that has withstood the test of time can be very charming, but updating its central heating system can pose significant challenges. Outdated architecture or lack of infrastructure can make installing a brand new system implausible. Retrofitting with an HVAC company Austin would instead allow you to improve your A/C without getting rid of it entirely.

You’re Trying To Future-Proof Your Home

When considering improvements or repairs to your A/C, saving money is the most obvious goal. Retrofitting tends to be faster and more cost-efficient than a complete overhaul. This is because it requires less time and fewer new parts. It also future-proofs your system; once it’s been retrofitted, future repairs will be easier and less expensive.

The A/C Unit Isn’t Old 

As with cars, parts of your home have to be replaced eventually, and your A/C unit is no exception. Experts say you should replace your A/C unit every 10 to 15 years. But within that time-frame, retrofitting can be more efficient and less environmentally damaging. It takes fewer resources to retrofit than to manufacture an entirely new A/C unit, and the efficiency of a retrofitted system can help lower energy usage.

You Want Increased Comfort

Retrofitting has many financial benefits, but it also provides an extra measure of comfort. Your new HVAC system can blend into the home and provide exceptional airflow without you having to think about it. You also cut out a lot of energy loss with new insulated systems, helping the house stay warmer or cooler longer. The lower utility bills are a nice perk, too.

When considering your options for A/C repair, don’t rule out retrofitting. It can be an efficient, inexpensive option that benefits old and new systems alike.

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