5 Ways to Make Face Masks More Comforting


Face masks are the quintessential symbol of skincare, and for good reason. They come in hundreds of options, and they are easily accessible. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to keep them in your skincare routine. They are already good at hydrating the face, but what if you can make them even more comforting to use on your skin?

Here are six ways to do it:

Keep them in the fridge

Face masks sit in a vacuum-sealed packaging full of a serum that can benefit your skin in many ways. Buying a face mask online is all about those 30 minutes or so of you just sitting and chilling with your favorite book or movie. But before you put it on your face, let it sit in the fridge for a couple of minutes, or even a few hours, to make it more refreshing on your skin. You’ll be grateful for it when it’s summer and you need that extra coolness.

Wear them at midday        

The ideal time to wear your face mask is at the end of the day when you’re preparing for bed. However, when you’re outside under the heat of the sun, you need its hydration the most. Each pack is travel-friendly, thankfully, which means you can just take it out of your purse and apply it on your skin as you settle into your office chair after having lunch outside. Feel free to do your regular tasks while the mask works its magic on your skin. It may even help in stress-relief!

Use them as an alternative to a cooling gel

A cooling gel doesn’t cover the whole area of the face, which makes face masks a better alternative when you’re looking for a cooling product. Find one with aloe vera if you have a sunburn and if your skin feels flaky and dry. Sheet masks have all the good stuff for your skin, with the added cooling effect to help you destress any time of the day.

Wear them on a long flight

When you’re on a long-haul flight, it’s a lot of time you spend just doing anything that comes to mind. There’s minimal movement involved, and you may even fall asleep in the middle of it. During this long flight, you can give yourself a chance to rest while also letting your skin recover some of the hydration it loses in the long ordeal. Pack a sheet mask and apply it on your face when the plane is in the air, get a well-deserved nap, and wake up to glowing skin.

Combine them with eye masks or cucumber slices

Though sheet masks come in the regular shape of a face, it hardly fits perfectly. It’s not so bad if the product covers your entire face with a little bit of excess, but if it’s lacking in some areas, you may want to improve the experience with another product. Under-eye gels or masks, or even the trusty chilled cucumber slices can take your self-care routine to the next level. Put on your face mask, then your eye gel or cucumber slices, preferably when you’re laying down so that there will be minimal movement.

Even the simple task of wearing a face mask can be elevated if you choose the best time, place, and method of application. Enjoy your self-care routine when you need it most.

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