Raccoon Prevention Tips


Raccoons can damage your house, belongings, and property if they find a way into your home. You can remove raccoons from your home humanely by contacting a Downey animal shelter or other local removal service. The process is safe for the raccoon and also ensures the safety of your home. Before you contact a professional, try these tips to prevent raccoons from lingering around your residence.

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Cut Off Access Spots

Eliminating access spots and entryways will prevent raccoons from entering your home. Look for crevices and holes that are large enough for a raccoon to squeeze through. You want to keep in mind that they may enter places that appear smaller than them. You should check areas like your attic vents and chimneys. They can even infiltrate a home through the seams of a baseboard or roof.

Seal Your Garbage Can Tight 

A garbage can is like a mini buffet for a raccoon. Their dexterous hands give them the ability to easily remove a trash can lid. However, if you seal your garbage can lid tightly or place a heavy object on top of it, these critters won’t be able to open the lid.

Don’t Leave Out Pet Food

If you feed your pets outside, don’t leave out the food or water overnight. These draw in hungry raccoons. Instead, if you feed your pets outdoors, only do so during the day.

Sprinkle Blood Meal or Wood Ash

Sprinkle blood meal or wood ash around your garden. Raccoons will feast on your home-grown vegetables and fruits, but both blood meal and wood ash can deter them from your garden.

Invest in a Motion Lights 

Raccoons aren’t fond of light. You can protect your home by investing in a motion light.

Raccoons can be a nuisance and even a danger to your family and pets. You should take the initiative to prevent them from entering your home. If that fails, a Downey animal shelter like Animal Capture Wildlife Control can help.



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