Making Bail


There are lots of reasons why people get arrested. Depending on the severity of the crime, a judge may set bail. If you or someone you care about has been arrested, you will need to pay attention to the way bail may be paid. The judge has to give you at least a couple of different bail payment options. Remember, if you don’t appear in court or meet the requirements for the bail, it can be revoked, and you won’t get your money back.

Cash Bail

If one of your options is to pay a cash bail, you can usually pay it to the court clerk or at whichever jail you have been taken to. You may even be able to pay it online. If the judge allows for it, cash bail may also be paid by credit card. Be sure to ask about your options.


Bond is a term in the capital market to refer to the bond issuance statement of debt against the bondholders. In short, bond issuers are debtors and bondholders are debtors. In bonds, the debt payment due dates and interest (coupons) are the obligations of the bond issuer to the bondholders.The issuance of bonds is motivated by efforts to raise funds from the public that will be used as a source of funding. When viewed from the perspective of business people, bonds can be used to get fresh funds for the sake of running a business.The most common bail bond is the insurance company bond. Acting as a represented of an insurance company, a group may offer Washington County bail bonds to help an accused person make bail. These are surety bonds for which you pay a fee that is a percentage of the full amount of bail required. This fee is not refundable. You may also have to have collateral that will cover some or all of the total cost. The bonding company promises the court you will show up for required appearances in court. If you do not, you may forfeit your collateral and face other penalties.

A person may also be able to get friends or family to post a surety bond. These may be unsecured, partially secured, or fully secured. If the accused doesn’t go to court when required, the person who put up the bond will lose the money paid and owe the court any balance if the full amount was not paid up front.

If you get arrested, be sure to learn all you can about how bail works and how it can be paid. Then, be sure to go to court so you won’t lose the money.

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