Key Things to Know About Cowhide Leather


Cowhide leather is a luxurious, versatile, and durable material used to make all kinds of consumer goods, including furniture, home decor, and clothing. Humans have used animal hides for thousands of years to create shelter and coverings for themselves. This industry has evolved quite a bit, though, from primitive cloth and tents to fashionable rugs, tough shoes and boots, and elegant book bindings, among many other things.

How Cowhide Leather is Made

Cowhide leather is made from the skin of cows that are being farmed for the meat and dairy industries. Skin from the cows is collected and sent to tanneries, where all of the animal’s flesh is meticulously removed from the hide, by hand or by machine. The hide is then cured, or preserved, with salt. Hides are cleaned, dried, and tanned, after which cattle hides for sale Bronx NY can be purchased by designers and manufacturers to be used to make all sorts of consumer goods.

How Cowhide Leather is Used

Cowhide leather is the most commonly used leather for many reasons. Its rich combination of soft breathability and durability make it comfortable and affordable. Cowhide leather is also waterproof and hypoallergenic, making it a great material choice for household textiles such as furniture and rugs. One beautiful aspect of cowhide leather is the uniqueness of the natural markings from the original cows which means that each piece made from cowhide leather has a uniqueness to it.

How Cowhide Leather is Cared For

Cowhide leather is naturally strong and durable, but proper care can help it last even longer. Although cowhide leather is waterproof, it’s best to keep leather items generally dry and to clean up spills right when they happen to avoid stains. Prevent dust from collecting on your cowhide leather products, and avoid extended exposure to direct sunlight and high heat, and your valued goods can bring a lifetime of pleasure.

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