How to Use CBD Along with Antibiotics Cautiously?



Cannabidiol or CBD, has now become a famous source of medication for many people, as opposed to conventional medicine. There are various reasons why CBD has preferred these days apart from the obvious that it comes with very few side effects is not psychoactive and there are no chances of overdose.

CBD as an accessible source of medication

Due to the vast array of reasons for the preference of this compound by the public, CBD is accessible for all ages be it children or the elderly, people suffering from a serious illness, or even a minor one. It is safe to say that consuming this compound will not cause any serious effect on people’s health. CBD is consumed in many ways, right from taking it in the form of a pill to mixing it directly in food.

However, the easiest way to consume CBD without drawing too much attention upon you would be through CBD gummies, which help with anxiety, pain relief, and various other ailments. At justCBDstore, you will find the top quality CBD gummies. The best part about buying the Just CBD gummies is that you can customize them according to your preference.

CBD and Antibiotics

Antibiotics are prescribed by millions of health professionals across the world to battle a vast range of bacterial infections and diseases. Although the information available is limited, CBD does come under the range of medicines known to interact with antibiotics.

Hence, if you are a regular CBD user, you may want to discuss the use of any supplements with your doctor when you are prescribed a new medication.

How does CBD interact with antibiotics?

It is of utmost importance to first understand how CBD interacts with antibiotics and it all comes down to our body’s Cytochrome P-450 System which is responsible for fighting potentially dangerous toxins. Many people are unaware of this system, but it constitutes a vital part of the human body since we could be constantly exposed to a range of dangerous toxins.

More than 60 percent of the drugs we consume passes through this system and that is when things get complicated because CBD is known to inhibit the system, which alters the way other drugs are metabolized through it.

Hence, by consuming antibiotics and CBD together you could be at risk of taking either less or more amounts of antibiotics which could lead to an overdose and even result in fatality.

Why it is essential to avoid risks and consult a medical professional

Since the impact of mixing CBD and antibiotics is not clear due to limitations in studies, you should avoid taking CBD with any medication that may impact your liver.

If CBD is interfering with your prescription, it is advised to not be consumed.  Even though not every antibiotic will be impacted by CBD, you may consider waiting to use CBD until you are no longer required to take your prescribed antibiotic.


To summarise you can still take CBD with antibiotics, however in most cases dosage may need to be altered therefore always consult a medical professional before making any changes and adding supplements to your prescribed medication.

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