How Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help You With Work-Related Injuries


Do you always need a personal injury lawyer each time you have work-related injuries? The simple answer here is no. There are instances when a personal injury attorney Fairfax is not necessary because your insurance would be willing to cover your medical expenses. This happens when you, without a doubt, got injured while working, and your injury was small enough to enable you to go back to work after a few days. There are instances, however, when you should, without a doubt, hire a personal injury attorney Fairfax.

When your claim has been denied

There is a possibility that your insurance company will deny your claim. This happens when they have doubts about the circumstances of your injury. They might doubt that you got injured while at work. You have a chance to appeal to this denial, though, by hiring a personal injury attorney Fairfax. A lawyer knows the technicalities more and could advise you on what to do next if you have a strong case, if you should go to court for it, or if this is better done with just a settlement.

When you have a pre-existing condition

There are also circumstances when you have a pre-existing medical condition. For example, if you fell and injured your leg, and it just so happens that there is already an implant on your leg for a past injury. Insurance companies could deny your claim by saying that the injury happened because of a pre-existing medical case on your part. If your policy clearly states that injuries caused by pre-existing injuries could not be viable for claims, you will need a lawyer to appeal the denial. The lawyer can also study your case to see if it has a fighting chance of winning, or if you should just let it go.

They are disputing your permanent disability claim

Should the unfortunate happen and you are permanently disabled because of a work-related injury, you can make big claims from the insurance company. However, the insurance company would require you to get an IME (independent medical examination). Most likely, you would get a lower permanent disability rating than what your physician gave you. This means you will get less benefits than you expected. You may appeal this dispute by hiring a lawyer who can help you out in the situation. The role of the attorney here is to basically negotiate the best setup for you so that you would still get almost the same benefits you were promised before the dispute.

You need a treatment that they are denying

You might need an expensive treatment. However, there is a possibility that your insurance will deny this claim and refuse to give you support. In this instance, an attorney would really be useful. Your lawyer can tell you what your rights are, where your case is strong, and where the insurance might try to attack you. For example, the settlement here might be that the insurance company will pay for a part of your treatment, but not for the whole thing. In this case, a lawyer might be able to help you appeal for full coverage, or at the very least, for higher insurance coverage.

Are lawyers worth it?

Hiring a personal injury attorney Fairfax will always work to your advantage. Even after the attorney charges you a service fee (15% is the usual rate), you will still get more than you would if you were going about this without one.

Bolger Law Firm is your best partner when it comes to pursuing compensation for personal injuries. If you need a personal injury attorney Fairfax, contact us today!

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