Efficient Driving Of Industrial Vehicles


Efficient driving is the reduction of resources to achieve the desired purpose, which is none other than to mobilize a load or a group of people from one place to another. These resources can be human, energy, or accessories.

In very basic terms, if we manage to mobilize merchandise from one place to another, consuming less fuel, with less effort from the driver, without wearing down the tires and without producing a tremendous environmental impact, we are looking at an example of efficient driving of industrial vehicles.

The advancement of the automotive industry makes it possible that today we have vehicles designed to provide us with safety, comfort, and minimal environmental impact, thanks to multiple systems and utilities incorporated in its manufacture.

What Are The Advantages?

Lower energy consumption 

It has a direct and indisputable financial influence. But, it also has it on the environment. It is estimated that an industrial vehicle, which is driven according to efficiency standards, consumes 17% less fuel, than one that, being of the same characteristics, is driven without observing these rules.

Economic savings for the vehicle owner 

Driving an industrial vehicle efficiently means less use of resources, such as fuels and tires, which are usually the most representative. The cost savings for these concepts represent a great attraction for the company or the vehicle owner.

Reduction of maintenance costs 

The efficient driving of industrial vehicles also has a positive impact on parts such as brakes, clutch, gearbox, and engine, among others. When subjected to less effort, the mechanical parts of the vehicle report up to 30% fewer maintenance costs.

Increase in average speed 

Efficiently operating an industrial vehicle increases the average speed of each journey, with the consequences on the profitability that this implies.

Reduction of the risk of accidents 

Finally, and to close this chapter of the advantages provided by the efficient driving of industrial vehicles, we must talk about reducing the risk of road accidents.

A well-driven and well-maintained vehicle is less exposed to the risk of an accident than another car that is not. Industrial vehicles can comfortably maneuver plastic speed bumps and cable ramp.

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