Choose a Spa That Stands Out


Going to the spa was once considered a luxury, but this industry has expanded to offer routine services to everyday people. Today, you can find more spas than Starbucks, and the industry is worth billions. With so many options available, it may be difficult to find the right spa for you. Consider these tips as you search “laser bar and spa Manhattan.”


Massages are the most common treatment in spas, often representing more than 50% of a spa’s revenue. Not only should the spa offer a variety of massage types, but it should have experienced, reputable, high-quality masseuses on staff. Ask for the most popular masseuse, and you will receive the best massage available at the spa.

Focus on Health

Whether you are going to the spa for general relaxation or to improve your health, choose a spa that focuses on health. You will not only receive more beneficial treatments, but you will also learn new things that can improve your health at home. Some spas even offer nutrition courses or other educational information. The spa’s website should also offer valuable health information.

General Product Knowledge

Everyone who works in the spa should be able to tell you about the spa treatment products they are using on you. However, the concierge or front desk employees should have a general working knowledge of all the products used within the facility. You don’t want pushy sales people, but you do want knowledgeable people who give you good information about the products you may be using or should use. The staff should not be averse to letting you know what products they used on you so you can continue hydrating your body at home.

Front-Office Staff

The people you speak with on the phone or encounter in the front of the spa should not only be well-trained, but they should treat you with respect and kindness. They should be knowledgeable and trained in communication, especially active listening.

Choose a spa that values you and will provide you with the best possible services. A little research goes a long way.


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