Can You Enjoy Time with Your Friends Without Leaving Your Home?


A decade ago, enjoying time with friends meant calling them to your home or going to their house. The last option was to go to some place that is new to both the parties and enjoy games like rummy card game, chess, Uno or some other interesting option. It was truly unimaginable to enjoy with friends without leaving your own premises. However, things have changed greatly, thanks to the internet era. Here are some interesting ways in which you can pass your time with friends while still at your home and continuing with your routine activities:

Challenge Your Friend for a Round of Rummy

Thanks to excellent online rummy gaming apps like Khelplay Rummy, now you can challenge your friend to a round of rummy right from your home. Inviting friends to the app has other benefits too. You enjoy some bonus points that help you make the best of your favourite card game. So, what are you waiting for? Visit the website to check out the many rummy gaming options.

Arrange A Watch Party for Your Friends Online

Remember those days when enjoying a movie with friends at home would mean arranging for food and drinks. It also meant maintaining decorum amidst friends who fail to co-operate. Not anymore pals! Now, all you need to do is host a watch party for the video of your choice. Everyone is free to post their comments and opinions about the video online without disrupting your peace of mind or dirtying your house. All you need to do is just pick a video that all your friends are sure to enjoy watching.

Have A Group Chat About Some Challenging Issue!

One thing that plays a significant role in improving bonding with friends is discussions. When a group of friends have a heated conversation on some challenging issue, it is sure to bring out the best in them. It is a great way to know what each one thinks. The forum where such discussions happened in the past were collective groups where people gathered. The issue there was it was difficult to manage the commotion. Thanks to technology and the different social platforms, it is possible to have these heated discussions without creating any commotion.

Start A Social Movement with Friends

The changing environment is a major concern. The increased use of plastic goods is yet another major challenge that is affecting the nature hazardously. If someone has to do something about it, why not you? Join with your friends and start movements to grow this awareness among people. Encourage people to choose the eco-friendly road. Help build awareness about nature conservation. Even a small share today on social networks today may lead to great awareness in the next decade. So start with those baby steps and let your friends join you.

Arrange an Online Kitty

Online kitty may seem like a vague idea but it can be made possible. What is a kitty after all? A few friends gather, enjoy some food and games and then part ways? So, why not just organise a snack time with some food delivery app assisting the food choices. Then, all friends can together play a challenging round of rummy or some other online game. You may even plan some extra bonus points for the winners. Yes, all this is possible with a few clicks. You do not even have to leave your home to have all the fun that is listed here.

Wait no more! Come up with such innovative and interesting ideas. Make a group of friends who are equally keen on enjoying themselves. Enjoy to the fullest!

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