3 Ways for Businesses To Prevent Burglaries


The United States is home to nearly 32 million small businesses, and for the owners of those enterprises, there are seemingly as many concerns. Inflation, economic uncertainty, making payroll, retaining workers and complying with regulations are just some of the worries that are on the minds of these magnates-in-making. Entrepreneurs also experience anxiety over the threat of burglary. According to one study, break-ins and thefts affected around 9% of small businesses. Fortunately, there are many ways a company can reduce the risk.


Keys are key to theft prevention. Limit the number of employees who are given keys, and keep close track of how many keys you have and who has access to them. Have a policy in place to have keys promptly returned when employees leave the organization. That also marks a good time to change locks, which should be done periodically anyhow. This can be accomplished by hiring commercial locksmith services Orlando or in your area.


Installing security cameras is worth the modest investment for many business owners. Cameras offer 24-hour surveillance of the premises, so you can virtually keep an eye on the area even when you are off-site. Cameras discourage many would-be criminals from committing theft, and also assist in bringing to justice those who continue to burgle or steal.


Keep your business exterior well lit to prevent people from sneaking around in the dark of night. Many companies even keep interior lights on overnight, making it much easier for neighbors or passers-by to notice a burglary in progress. It also helps to limit the number of obstructive features around the building, such as bushes, hedges, trees and walls. These items provide areas for thieves to hide behind and also cast large shadows, affording even more room to maneuver unseen.

Theft and burglary are major problems for small business owners. Utilizing these tips will help protect your company.

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