3 Unique Treat Ideas for Special Occasions


Whether it is a birthday party, work event, or perhaps a surprise delivery to a loved one, sweet treats are a nice addition to any special occasion. Most people think of cake when they think of a dessert for a special occasion, but there are many other options that allow you to cater to your guests’ tastes and dietary needs. Consider these three alternatives to cake.

Assorted Cookie Trays

Assorted cookie trays are a great option for a special occasion. Cookies come in many flavors, allowing you to tailor your order to accommodate for a variety of taste preferences. You could order gourmet decorated cookies Acworth GA, chocolate chip cookies, and molasses cookies, for example. Ordering a variety could also allow you to accommodate certain allergies, such as nut allergies so that all guests are able to partake in the delicious dessert.  

Assorted Cupcakes

An alternative to ordering one big cake is to order an assortment of cupcakes. Some cupcake shops offer vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free recipes in addition to recipes that use standard ingredients. This enables you to be considerate of varying dietary needs of people attending the event or of the loved one to whom you’re delivering treats. Like assorted cookies, assorted cupcakes also allows for multiple flavors to be ordered so that guests with differing taste buds are satisfied.

Assorted Tarts

Pies can be a nice alternative to cake and a way to spice things up; however, offering whole pies doesn’t offer much variety. A way to offer pie and still get variety is to order assorted tarts, which are like small pies. There is the traditional fruit tart for fruit lovers and richer tarts such as pecan tarts.

Whatever the special occasion is, consider spicing it up with these alternatives. Your loved one is likely to appreciate something different, and your guests will appreciate having options in flavor preferences and dietary needs.

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