Workplace Safety Tips


No one wants to be injured in the workplace. Several strategies can prevent employees from getting injured and researching workers compensation Portland.


OSHA has developed rules and regulations to promote workplace safety. These include providing adequate safety training and posting notices, posters and signs that discuss employees’ rights, dangerous or hazardous environments and chemicals and first aid stations and emergency exits, respectively.


Not only should employers train their employees on their specific job duties, but they should also provide safety training. All training should be completed in languages the employees understand. Safety training should involve locating safety manuals, understanding signage and locating first aid stations. This training should also discuss the process of notifying the company about potential hazards and injuries.

Safety Culture

Organizations should promote a culture of safety. For example, they should provide extensive safety training for each employee within the company. In addition, they should implement policies and rules that promote safety. Companies should encourage open communication among employees and management, so employees seek out management when they discover a hazard. They should also seek employee input in mitigating risk or eliminating hazards. Finally, they should reward safe actions among their employees.

Clean Environment

Workspaces within the company should be kept clean and organized. For example, spills should be immediately cleaned up and walkways should be kept free of obstructions.


The company’s furniture should be ergonomic. In addition, employees should be given tools and equipment that reduce the strain on their bodies. Machinery, such as manufacturing equipment and moving equipment (e.g., forklifts), should be maintained to prevent injury.

Protective equipment should be provided by the company. For example, in factory settings, ear and eye protection should be provided. On construction sites, hardhats should be provided. Anything the employees need to protect their physical bodies should be provided by the company.

You and your company should work together to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you. If an accident occurs, consider learning more about workers’ compensation by contacting an attorney.

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