When Do You Need a Dedicated Server?


One of the best aspects of hosting is the number of options you get while choosing your hosting platform. From the most affordable Shared Hosting to feature-packed Dedicated Servers, you can select one which suits your budget and requirements. The choice also extends to hosting plans in India. Most companies follow a well-traversed path, start small and let the hosting grow alongside the business. They start with Shared Hosting and gradually move up to the higher tiers of website hosting. But most businesses do not need Dedicated Servers Hosting in India.

Companies decide to buy a Dedicated Server when they want to keep their site and its data absolutely secure. A Dedicated Server hosts only one website at a time. By doing this, it assures high performance and security for the website it hosts.  Linux Dedicated Server Hosting is especially preferred because of its inherent secure nature and customizability. So what are the reasons that would lead you to choose a Dedicated Hosting Server for your website?

  1. Your website is growing rapidly

Every website grows at its own rate. There are some websites that experience a sudden spurt of growth overnight. Your hosting will need additional resources to handle the spike in incoming traffic.  In this case, you’ll need a hosting platform that can keep up with your website’s growth, else it will experience higher bounce rates and lose revenue. Dedicated Server Hosting can easily scale its resources and handle rapid growth.

  1. You want the best security for your website

Hosting security is a sensitive topic and can have far-reaching implications on your site’s performance and user experience. Linux Dedicated Hosting can offer the best security measure that starts with the isolation it offers. Since there’s no other website on the server, it drastically reduces the security risks. Additionally, you can configure your server’s security to specifically protect your website as you have root access and control over the server.

  1. You want complete control over your server

Some hosting platforms do not let you control all the aspects of your website’s hosting. This suits some site owners who do not have the technical expertise to manage their hosting. But there are others that want the control. It enables them to set up their website’s hosting environment to their exact specifications. With full root access in Dedicated Server Hosting, users can fine-tune it to get maximum performance and also set up security to offer maximum protection.

  1. You want your website to perform flawlessly

Your choice of hosting platform can affect your website’s performance. Not all hosting platforms are built for speed. A slow backend will slow down the website even if it is optimised for performance. It will impact user experience and drive users away. Nobody likes a slow-loading website. Dedicated Server Hosting consistently offers high performance that will keep users engaged and coming back. You can easily add more resources if they seem to be running out and also tune your server to perform flawlessly.

Though it is the most expensive option, Dedicated Server Hosting offers stellar performance. These characteristics are the reasons why specific users like big enterprises prefer Dedicated Server Hosting for their websites.

Check out the following video to see why big companies opt for Dedicated Server Hosting –


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