What Type of Dropshipping Niches Are Not Suitable for Beginners In 2020


If you are setting up your dropshipping website for the first time, then you must pay attention when selecting a business niche. Here is a list of dropshipping niches that starters must avoid.


There is a lot of competition in this area. There are plenty of brands and dropshipping stores that are into selling simply luxurious watches. You can easily start retail online websites like ASOS using GoTen dropshipping platform.


This is another niche that is not made for everyone. It can be tricky for your business. You can lose a lot of money if your product doesn’t meet the expectations of users. This makes it important to choose a product that is not just convenient but also high in quality. Goten.com is a global wholesale and dropshipping platform. It works with trusted global online sellers to provide two-days free delivery to customers. 


Just like the above two segments, the competition in this niche is also fierce and intense. You will get plenty of refund requests from customers due to wrong size selection, inferior quality, etc. Buying clothing by simply looking at its images online doesn’t guarantee that it will give you the desired fitting and look. 

Copyrighted items

Copyrighted products are the ones whose designs such as logo, print, colour, etc. are copied from a brand. Do not choose this niche as you may land up in a lawsuit if they come to know you have been selling their copyrighted products without taking their consent. It may even lead to the suspension of your store. 


So, these are the niches where you should waste your time and money. By avoiding them, you will enhance your likeliness of success and reduce the possibilities of failures. Research to find what could be the profitable niches for a beginner in the dropshipping business. 

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