Tips To Improve Swimming


Swimming is one of the most effective and complete aerobic sports. The main tips are to know that one of the best things when training in the pool is to remain relaxed throughout the activity. More than anything, we have to enjoy, and relaxation is part of swimming as physical activity. It will not help to stay tense, as tiredness and fatigue in the muscles only impair the athlete’s performance. Only then will the movements happen naturally, and your effort will be much less (and this is much better!).

For this, it is essential to acquire control of our body and, above all, not to be afraid of water. Another fundamental issue is when swimming to maintain a very straight posture, which keeps our body aligned, influencing how we swim faster. Another essential point is to wear comfortable swimming suits. For those who are starting: it is good to start with two training sessions per week, and as you progress, you can train for five days.

More than that, it is not advisable for anyone who is not a professional, as it can cause weight loss and muscle mass.

Shorten Strokes

Try to swim every 50 meters with fewer strokes than you are used to. This spent force improves the body’s power with less movement. Thus, the technique is more favored as we obtain greater support in each movement. In addition, take the first stroke after the push on the pool wall without breathing. This maintains the speed that picked up the momentum the longest.

Acceleration Of Hands In Water

Start the hand path with little speed; try to feel as much pressure as possible. Little by little, start to accelerate. The hand must go at full speed at the end of each stroke. When swimming on your back, keep your head steady. It is our body that must rotate on the chair. When swimming on your back, keep your shoulder at body level. So, you can avoid injury to the tendons, for example.

In Competitions, Always Work With Speed.

Even if you are not a long-distance swimmer or even a triathlete. This allows you to change the pace suddenly at the end of a competition, for example. It also helps to leave the nervous system “on.”

Don’t Forget That The Abdomen Is Essential.

Other tips to improve swimming performance mess with an important area when practicing the sport, the abdomen. It allows the body to remain in a horizontal position, thus reducing the resistance to travel caused naturally by the body’s shape.

Always Have The Help Of A Professional

It is worth remembering that it is only with the help of professionals that we can render the best possible activities. In addition to running less risk of injury, the professional enables us to achieve our goals more efficiently.

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