Things to Know About Modern Architecture


Modern architecture is architecture that represents or is built for today. Its purpose is to differentiate itself from the architecture of previous generations and standard processes. Examples of modern architecture can be seen through a search for modern architecture North Kansas City.


Modern architecture finds its origins in the early 20th century. During this period, the construction industry experienced innovation and technological advancement in its engineering processes and building materials. This new technology enabled skyscrapers, which were built in response to land shortages in larger cities.

Modern architecture expanded rapidly during World War II. Incredible destruction and steel shortages led to the adoption of new materials, such as aluminum. Prefabricated buildings became common for government buildings. After the war, rampant housing shortages led to large construction projects that used reinforced concrete and prefabricated materials


Traditional architecture uses wood, brick and stone, while modern architecture uses novel construction materials, including steel, glass and concrete.

These structures are sleek, featuring straight lines, rectangular arrangements and have neutral finishes, often black and white. Modern buildings have open floorplans and spaces and lack ornamentation, including decorative moldings or trim. Where wood is used, it is typically left more natural and stained, instead of painted.


Modern architecture is built to a specific function or purpose. It suggests how the people of today live their lives. Modern structures are built for to meet the needs and lifestyles of today’s society without unnecessary features. Glass is abundant, bringing in natural light and allowing those within the building to feel as if they are out in nature or the city by offering expansive views of the landscape.

Modern architecture has many movements, including constructive architecture, brutalism and expressionism. If you are interested in building a modern home or commercial building, contact an architect that specializes in modern architecture.


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