Packaging Designs: What You Need Now


Packaging design is a very broad term. It includes everything from the types of packaging and the graphic style of fonts and forms that you use to other more operational elements such as logistical requirements for example, the forms of shipping, returns, etc. that ends up being reflected in the packaging materials you choose. In this packaging design guide we tell you everything you need to know to get your product packaging right.

The packaging design is key to facilitate the purchase decision of your potential consumer. What do you do as a potential client? Do you read carefully each piece of information that appears on the packaging?  Probably not and ultimately, the decision you will make will be based on whether the package (product design and packaging) is attractive to you.  As you stay out of the Common CBD packaging mistakes you can have a proper understanding of the whole process.

This consumer dilemma is a very common thing. Your product does not have to be complex and have a multitude of parameters for the consumer choice process to be arduous. In most cases, the design of the packaging plays a fundamental role in this decision-making. It is the design of the CBD packaging box that attracted the consumer’s eye to that particular product and made it optimal for gifts.

Packaging Design Guide: What Can You Expect?

In reality, the packaging design encompasses several attributes such as the logo, the elegant appearance or the shape that captures the consumer’s attention and leads them to finalize the purchase of that box of CBD.

Three Questions to Answer before Choosing the Type of Packaging and Its Design

These are the three questions you should be able to answer before you start planning the design and type of packaging for your product:

  • Which is the product?
  • Who is the consumer of the product?
  • How are they buying the product?

We are going to delve into each one of them.

What Is The Product?

This is the most obvious. What do you sell? How big is the product? What materials is it made of? It’s fragile? Can you take the blows well?

The answer to this question will make it easier for you to make some decisions during the packaging design process. For example, a very delicate product will need a more robust packaging than one that withstands blows well. On the other hand something very large or with strange dimensions, possibly will require a custom CBD Packaging box instead of a standard solution.

Who Is The Consumer Of The Product?

Who is going to use your product? Is it for group use? Does your ideal client care about the environment? What level of income do you have? The design of the packaging of a product must appeal to the ideal customer profile. You should know it before starting the design process. For example, a product for seniors should have letters in large texts. While if the ideal customer is someone of high class, the packaging design should convey luxury.

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