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This page is about saving like-minded people from time-consuming research about online slot machines. This allows you to concentrate fully on what slots on the internet are all about: correct stakes , lots of adrenaline and exciting entertainment . I created this website mainly for beginners, but advanced and frequent gamers will also find interesting information here. I hope you not only have a lot of fun on this site, but also on the play equipment.

To make it easier for you to get started, I have also listed tips for getting started so that you know what to expect when you want online slot machines. In addition, I have written other pages about online slots that will give you details about the most popular game of chance in the world. You can find the overview of the subpages here .

The 5 best online slot machine casinos with starting credit

Here I present you the absolute top class of online gaming libraries for slot machine players. Behind these are serious and EU-licensed companies who spare no effort to satisfy their customers. This is not only reflected in a large selection of games, but the welcome bonus offers have also proven to be fair in practice. The best online slot machine casino in my test for August 2020 is CasinoClub. Here are all 5 slots casino test winners in comparison:

So I recommend these action bank slots  because they meet the highest standards. You convinced in my slightly adapted test. Because with slot casinos, factors such as the quality of the roulette selection play a lesser role. Apart from such subtleties, however, I used the same criteria as at my best online casinos . In the further course, my site should also give you a feeling for how I rate and help you to avoid bad slot machine casinos.

What are the 10 best online slot machines in English?

There are slot machines in abundance and their themes are more varied than any other game in online casinos. My titles listed on this page belong without question to the most interesting slots on the Internet and the most profitable real money slot machines . But if you are interested in the most successful titles in recent years, take a look at my list of the 10 best slot machine games in online casinos

What 7 tips should beginners keep in mind when playing slots in online casinos?

Now you know where you can play online slots. But an equally important question is: How do you play the most skillfully and how is it most fun? I will answer these questions here. But one thing first:

If you are looking for tips for safe profits, I will unfortunately have to disappoint you. There is no method that can be used to outsmart an online casino .

But there are a few general tips for online casino slot machines that have at least worked for me. If you are completely inexperienced, you should perhaps first take a look at my slot machine glossary so that the terms used on this page are understandable. In the FAQ on this page I also answer questions about the first steps in an internet casino .

  1. Set budget and limits

Every player should create a budget and loss limit before playing Every player should create a budget and loss limit before a session. Since the online slot machine games are very fast, you can otherwise lose track of time and winnings / losses. You will be automatically notified when your limit is reached, at least at the best slot machine casinos.

  1. Avoid bad slot providers

My tips will help you to identify bad providers.There are quite a few bad slot casinos out there. Even if we only mention reputable providers here, it is good for you as a player to know how to recognize bad offers yourself.

  1. Download apps from safe sources only

Today you can play slot machines on all mobile devices.Most of them gamble on smartphones and tablets today. However, it is not easy to find real money slot machine apps on the Internet. If this is of interest to you, you will find slot machine apps with bonuses in this section .

  1. Try the games for free

An absolute plus point for slot games on the Internet: The option to play for free.An enormous advantage of online game libraries is the opportunity to try out the games in the free demo mode. Not only beginners appreciate this function, also some experienced players test new titles in the selection. How you can do this and what restrictions there are, you can find out here.

  1. Select an appropriate bonus

Choosing the right slot machine bonus can make a world of differenceOnline slot machines are the best choice for bonus hunters. Because the vast majority of wagers on slot machines are 100% credited to the bonus turnover. Further information on this topic and what the slot machines casinos offer can be found in the section with the real money bonus offers.

  1. Note the payout percentages

The most important thing to consider when choosing a slot machine is the payout ratesUnfortunately, not every online casino can be trusted. Some don’t publish details about their businesses for good reason. Therefore, you should never play with providers who cannot prove their payout percentages verifiably.

  1. Play jackpot games

The jackpot games are very exciting and you have the chance to win large amounts of moneyThe main prizes of some online slot machines, however, amount to several million euros. While these wins are extremely rare, so on average you lose more money than other slots, the hunt for the famous life-changing win is still a lot of fun.

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