Reviewing backdoor attack: A serious business cybersecurity concern


Cybersecurity should be the top priority of every business out there. Recent security breaches on top companies and brand are a clear indicator that no business is entirely immune to such incidents. Among the top concerns is a backdoor attack. This is a kind of hack, where cybercriminals get unauthorized access to a system, resource, or network. Most backdoor attacks happen through malware, especially trojans, but circumstances can vary. 

Understanding backdoors

It is important to understand that not all backdoors are related to malware. Sometimes, IT teams create these backdoors, so that they can actually test systems and networks or do damage control when needed. However, backdoor attacks launched by hackers often have serious consequences, because these hacks are hard to find. Cybercriminals slip in through the existing vulnerable points and cause the damage they want. In most cases, malware like trojans are used, because users can be tricked into downloading and installing the same, and by the time a backdoor attack is detected, considerable damage is done. 

Are small businesses at risk?

Available data shows that small businesses are more likely to suffer backdoor attacks, primarily because they don’t take as many proactive measures to secure their websites and networks. The consequences of a backdoor attack, which typically included data breach, can be severe for small businesses, and sometimes, the damage control efforts may not pay off. 

How to prevent backdoor attacks?

There are some basic steps that can come in handy for preventing backdoor attacks – 

  1. Make sure to test networks. Do penetration testing more often. 
  2. Consider using antimalware software.
  3. Check if your employees need training on backdoor attacks. 
  4. Ensure that all software and firmware are updated to the latest versions
  5. Update all operating systems, browsers, and plug-ins. 
  6. Check for any spike in network activity. 

Cybersecurity experts also recommend using suites that can detect malware, especially trojans, ransomware, and worms. Since hackers rely on bypassing the existing security measures, backdoor attacks are to be taken seriously. A trained and competent team of employees can be the frontline of defense against such attacks. Companies need to spend more on training of employees, and they should consider doing simulations, so that people within the organization know how backdoor attacks happen. 

Also, it is always wise to have an incident response plan. There are is no better way of handling a security breach than following standard protocols, which can prevent further damage. 

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