How To Make Your Building More Accessible


Everyone deserves the freedom to enter and move around different buildings. Able-bodied individuals enjoy this advantage without any thought. However, this is not true for everyone. Some people don’t have the reduced mobility aids Cleveland OH or range of motion to traverse any given structure. Here are some things you should consider while making your building more accessible.


It makes sense to start at the front of the building. In fact, you can direct your attention to the area before the entryway. Are there only steps that lead to the door? If so, you may want to install a ramp so that people in wheelchairs or people using canes can ease their way into your home or place of business. Make sure the door is wide enough to allow any personal assistance vehicles through.


Do you have a staircase in your building? The same people who may have difficulty at the front of the building will certainly run into problems at the base of the stairs. Fortunately, there are devices that can aid in this journey. Electric stair climbers allow a person to sit in a chair and go up to the next floor safely and comfortably. Also, you may consider installing an elevator if your office is more than one story tall.


These areas can be the trickiest because people often want to do their business alone. It is much easier to help a person get up a ramp at the entrance than it is to assist them inside a bathroom stall. This being the case, you should build stalls with plenty of room to fit a wheelchair. Handrails are necessary as well. Place your sinks and hand dryers low enough for people sitting down to be able to use them.

After addressing these needs, people will feel more comfortable working or spending time with you. This may lead to more business and friendship opportunities.

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