How to Improve SEO and Grow Your Online Business with Online Directories


When it comes to SEO, it’s hard to overstate the importance of local search. Reports show that up to 70% of searches are for nearby businesses, while 50% of people say that local search is the best way to find a business.

If you’re a small business owner who wants to use SEO to grow your online presence and attract new customers, then you should incorporate local search into your marketing strategy.

There are several strategies you can use to do this, and in this post, I’ll explore the best option: online directory submissions.

·       Finding the right online directories for your business

You should look for online directories that are being displayed when you search up your keyword. You can check their pages and decide whether it is correct for you. A high-quality directory site will have an up-to-date and contemporary layout. You can also seek out to hire professionals to help you find the right online directories.

You can refer to online directories such as Bleen that offers online directories and a service finder service. They can connect you with potential customers easily. They provide comprehensive company profiles by category and title which will increase your publicity. You can get quote at reasonable prices as well.

·       Reviews for your business

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Always ask customers to give you reviews online. When you receive positive feedback from a consumer, request them to share their opinion on a relevant review site. The greater the number of reviews you have, the better is your image. This can lead to additional business.

Also, if you get bad reviews, you can reach out to help them by replying to them so that people know your business is sincere and that you care for them.

·       Claim your listings

Many free internet business listings may be showing your business reviews without your knowledge – and the content is frequently incorrect. Customers may already be publishing comments about your company on regional review sites. You must locate, register, and validate your company’s presence in these directories.

·       Increased brand awareness

When users perform a search in a listing directory, the results will show a short glimpse of businesses that are relevant to the term entered. Every person that comes upon your listing, you gain enhanced brand exposure and the potential for future interaction.

·       Accurate and complete information

Ensure to provide your name, location, and contact information so that others may find and contact you. Make certain that the information is appropriately and regularly placed in each directory. All information in all of your directories should be the same.

·       Regular and genuine content

Some online directories let you add a status, update piece, or promotion about your company. Users, and even Google, like new material and proactive participation from the business.

For such purpose, is an amazing online publishing platform for your business writings and news articles.


Registering in an online directory is one of the most effective strategies to improve your company’s web presence. This will assist you in improving your company’s internet image. People are already reading reviews, so utilize the opportunity.

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