How to Handle Co-Parenting After a Divorce


When you don’t have children, divorce is a fairly straightforward process. After dividing your common possessions, you and your former partner don’t have to see each other again. However, the issue is much more complicated if you have young children, since you need to figure out how to co-parent with your ex-spouse. While you figure out the particulars of your situation, here are some general guidelines to follow.

Watch for Legal Issues

As part of your divorce proceedings, you and your ex-spouse reached an agreement on child custody, or you received one from a judge. It’s important that you abide by this contract to create a stable environment for your children. Review them carefully and do everything in your power to communicate with your ex if you have to drop the kids off late one night or if you can’t take them for a weekend. If you suspect your ex-spouse of a contract breach Anthem AZ, contact your lawyer immediately.

Put Your Kids First

You want to be able to spend every day with your kids, but that may not be possible under your child custody contract. You can’t always control how often you see your children, but you can control what you do when you’re together. While your kids are at your house, make them your priority. This doesn’t mean that you should spoil them with presents or make them prefer you over their other parent. Instead, give them plenty of individual attention. Ask about their school days, and show interest in what they’re learning. Ask them to teach you a skill or do a craft. The more memories you make, the easier it will be to wait for your next time together.

As you and your ex-spouse navigate your parenting strategies post-divorce, keep these rules of thumb in mind. 


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