How to choose a freeze dryer?


The future and present day requirements can impact your decision of choosing a freeze dryer. It is extremely necessary to take all factors into consideration so that you can find the best. 

Different types of freeze dryers are available in the market. It is necessary to understand the basic features of the freeze dryers before making a decision. Some of the following considerations to make before choosing a freeze dryer include

  • Condensing rate
  • Shelf size
  • Shelf style 
  • Condensing capacity
  • Material
  • Condenser locator

The freeze dryer manufacturers make sure to mention all the details right from the space available to how it can be used. The electrical, air, chilled water and air conditioning are available in a number of Harvest Right freeze dryers. You can check the requirements accordingly. 

The various options available across the freeze dryers include the following

  • Cylindrical or rectangular product chambers

The cylindrical product chambers tend to be less expensive than the rectangular ones. Nonetheless, cylindrical product chambers take up a lot of space and may not be efficient for application or using it across the shelves. 

  • Proportional vacuum control

A proportional vacuum control can offer stability across the products. These are mostly used for offering or regulating gas using a proportional valve. This eventually provides a better option over control. 

  • Internal or external condenser

The internal condensers are cheap and can help with unrestricted valor flow. However, the external condenser has an isolation valve which keeps all the products separate from the condensers. This results in less power loss and also keeps the room condensated. It keeps the room warm and clean. While internal condensers are helpful for your pocket, the external condensers are helpful for the environment. 

Main categories of freeze drying

The freeze dryer selection process is hugely influenced with laboratory versus production and non-sterile versus sterile. Laboratory freeze dryers are used for different purposes across the industry and can help to meet the requirements accordingly. 

A lot of laboratory holders prefer going for simple freeze dryers so as to meet the standard features. The features are installed carefully in the advanced instrumentation process to avoid any negative pact. 


Over the years, a lot of innovations have been brought in the field to boost the critical temperature. This helps to prevent collapse and melt-back if the products haven’t been freeze dried properly. It further plays an important role in maintaining freeze drying cycle. If you want the best system, you need to keep a check with the latest trends. 

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