Handling Final Settlement In Personal Injury Cases


Getting a final settlement in a personal injury case gives a sort of relief for the victim. But, it doesn’t end as there are other procedures that follow before the person receives the amount in his account. Any injured person receives a copy of the settlement check within 30 days from the insurance company. The law firm that represents the injured person receives the check if it is given the power of attorney. The person has to endorse the check for disbursing the payment. Any law firm does a final accounting after receiving the settlement.

This is because reputed firms do not get fee for the case until they win the case for the client. The firm takes complete care of settling down all the pending payments and finally takes their fee for the case. The team prepares a detailed accounting sheet that includes all legal expenses done. The balance amount is then given through a check to the injured person. The process differs when it involves larger payments.

There are cases where some attorneys refuse to give the final accounting details. The client has every right to ask for this and if it doesn’t work out can even take a legal action against the attorney. It is for these reasons, it is always essential to hire experienced and reliable attorneys from law firms who abide by the ethics and make sure they do the best for the client.

ElDabe Ritter Trial Lawyers have great specialization in all accident and personal injury cases. It is the commitment the lawyers give to the clients that makes the firm the straightway choice for a consultation at times of need. It is the responsibility of all individuals to have knowledge on these aspects and get services from the best attorneys who provide professional service at all times.

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