Drug and liquor treatment in Colorado


Colorful Colorado is famous for its striking landscapes and a myriad of outdoor activities for all seasons. There is an adventure to be had across the state from the majestic Rocky Mountains to the Eastern Plains. But despite its natural wonder and winsome culture, the Centennial State also has a sad reputation as one of the states with the highest percentage of drug abuse in the nation. One study ranked Colorado third place in the United States for drug use and No. 1 for drug use among teenagers. The most affected are admitted to Drug and alcohol treatment in Colorado.

Numerous people in Colorado face addiction to substances

like alcohol, prescription opioidsmethamphetamine,marijuana, heroin, cocaine, and more. A study from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration shows that Colorado was the only state in the nation that was a top consumer of marijuana,opioid painkillers, alcohol, and cocaine.

Most states only ranked for one substance misuse, while Colorado stood out in all four. But despite the rampant drug issue, there are multiple therapy options available, including full-service Colorado drug treatment centers and off-stateColorado drug addiction treatment,

,Alcoholics Anonymous and facilities are offering medication-assisted treatment. Some of the off-state centers include the United Recovery project.


With so many Rehabs in Colorado, it can be challenging to narrow your choices down. The United recovery Project provides in-state therapy, along with out-of-state options for a full continuum of care. The United Recovery Project offers healing care with medical detox, inpatient care, partial hospitalization, outpatient programs, and more. Whether you choose the United Recovery project or any of the other drug treatment in Colorado, these valuable resources can save lives and help you overcome addiction.

Need outpatient alcohol rehab? Colorado’s facilities can help you get sober. Or you can choose an out of state Colorado drug rehab, such as United Recovery Project. Are you looking for drug treatment? Do you think you may require long term drug rehab? Colorado provides programs to meet this need as well. Colorado drug addiction treatment is designed to help break the chains of addiction while leading the way to recovery.

Colorado Opioid Epidemic

The United States’ opioid disaster has touched numerous people in every state, and Colorado is no exception. Opioid prescription rates increased across the country in the last 20th century and then fell after many state and local governments put limitations in place to combat rises in addiction and overdose.

While prescription rates dropped in Colorado from 73% in 2011 to 59.8% in 2016, opioid deaths in the state remain high. This can principally be attributed to increases in heroin and fentanyl use as access to prescription opioids is restricted. In 2015 alone, 442 individuals in Colorado died from an opioid overdose. These deaths were caused by both prescription opioids and illegal, more potent varieties like heroin and fentanyl. Click hereto learn more or to get help from United Recovery in Florida now.

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