Common Treatments for Rheumatic Diseases


Arthritis is a well-known condition for many patients around the world. This condition is part of a family of diseases known as rheumatic diseases. Though once thought to be impossible to cure, there are a variety of treatments for patients that range in effectiveness, depending on the patient. These drugs are commonly used to treat rheumatic diseases in addition to therapies and other treatments.

Antirheumatic Drugs

The full title is Disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs, or DMARDs, which are a special type of medication that works to slow the process of rheumatoid factors in the body. This helps to prevent additional damages, and in some cases, patients have even seen a reduction in symptoms.

Biologic Agents

These medications are a newer set of DMARDs which work more specifically to modify the biologic response. They work in a variety of ways, but in general they work to add natural elements like antibodies or enzymes to help the body combat deterioration.


One common treatment option is non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. These don’t usually help repair the damaged parts of the body, but can reduce swelling and ease pain. For many patients, this is sufficient to allow normal functioning, but professionals recommend relying on these drugs sparingly since side effects like stomach issues are common.


Steroids have been used for a long time. They work by stimulating hormones in the body to help increase antibodies and other natural chemicals to help the body heal and grow. Steroids can applied in a few different ways. Pills and topical creams can be taken directly by the patient, but injection treatments like these for rheumatic diseases Catonsville should only be applied by professionals.

Some patients also find success in natural therapies and physical therapies. Even if one treatment doesn’t work exactly, there is still hope for patients to reduce pain and get back to enjoying life.

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