Choose Stylish & Sophisticated Cufflinks to Give a Touch of Individuality to Your Personality


Ontime Bahrain Offers Elegant Cufflinks to Refine Your Dressing

Cufflinks is the part of traditional men’s jewelry that they usually carry on formal events. These are meant to close the cuffs of shirt. For men, only decent designs and sober colors are selected to give a stylish touch to formal dressing. You can select a variety of cufflinks in single plate design, linked studs or swiveling clasp. Make use of Ontime coupon code to order single or two tones cufflinks on markdown.

Difference between Studs & Cufflinks

Studs and cufflinks are often considered as similar but these are different in use. Though these are relevant for formal events but cufflinks are defined to tie up shirt cuffs. On the other hand, studs are used to adjust in buttonholes to show decorative fasteners and are fit on the frontage of tuxedo shirt into buttonholes. You can select cufflinks in stud design as well.

Categories of Cufflinks

  • Button Style

These cufflinks contain no hinge system. Presence of large head, small backing and direct post are the features of these cufflinks. The tilted small head operates through the hole of button. These cufflinks are secured and hard-wearing due to lack of touching parts.

  • Whale Back Style

These have flat head, whale like tail and direct post. If you want to get simple cufflinks, these are appropriate with simple mechanism.

  • Bullet Back

You can find a variety of themes and mechanical options. These are just like whale tail style; however it contains hollow frame and thin metal cylinder within the frame. In order to fasten the links, flip the cylinder outward direction.

  • Chain Link Style

Usually similar heads are joined through fine short chain. As compared to other designs, chain links have loose fastening with prominent decoration on the sides of buttonholes (closed). While buying cufflinks for formal occasion or to give as a gift, refer Ontime coupon code to make your shopping economical.

  • Ball Return Style

The curved post and heavy balls give a bit slack fastening then that of hinged style. These are tighter in fastening than that of chain style. If you choose cufflinks made up of valuable metals and are costly because the weight and size increase the price of cufflinks.

  • Fabric Cufflinks

These cufflinks have fabric material on the front side to give a decorative touch. These are not formal cufflinks.

  • Knot Cufflinks

These have two heads of flexible length. Instead of metal, soft string is used to make a knot. These are casual cufflinks with a variety of color options.

Whether you are wearing business dress shirt or casual wear colorful shirt with French Cuffs, cufflinks can be used according to style and occasion. These are unique small size accessories that can mark vivid difference. People are identified through their style, so spend some time to find the right style, material and size that cannot only connect the cuffs but also add prestige. Obtain Ontime coupon code to select cufflinks in Gold, Silk, Titanium, Gold, Stainless Steel or Silver and give your special moments a touch of sophistication.

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