All You Need To Know About A2 English Language Test


You have to pass in a secure English test (SELT). And you have to pass CEFR level A2 in speaking correctly and understanding the language. If you want to extend your visa time, then you will get an extra two and a half years. But you will get extra time after passing an A1 test.

If you want to extend upto five years, then you have to pass the A2 Secure English language test (SELT). You should know to speak and listen.

In CEFR A2 test you have to do these things

  • You will get only seven minutes where your test will be taken. And in the test includes listening and speaking test.
  • You will get a certificate within one week. So you do not have to wait for a longer period.
  • Your result will be sent via email. The result will come in the next day of the test day. Before afternoon you will get your result.
  • You will get 7 minutes in one to one test with the examiner. All test will be done in the same centre, so there is no need to travel more for giving tests.

The examiner will see these things in you

  • You know that the exam will be only for seven minutes. So in seven minutes, you have shown everything you know about the English language to pass your ability, and your skills determine your result.
  • You should know to respond to the questions the examiner is asking. If you are responding correctly, then the examiner will get to know that you know the language.
  • The main thing is that you should know to understand what the examiner is saying. The examiner will ask what you do in your everyday routine. You have to tell the examiner very fluently. Remember to tell the answer long so that you will be approved fast.
  • The examiner will ask simple questions that you have to answer. The questions will be very easy, but you should know the meaning of the questions.

Nowadays, to write this type of exams are very easy. You can apply online for A2 English test booking. There are many several sites where you can book or get information about the topic you want. The price of the booking is different in different sites. Or you can directly if you want. But remember to fill your details properly so that in future you may not face any issues.

The main important things are before applying for the test you have to read the terms and conditions of the company very carefully. If you do not know the meaning of some world’s, you can take help from a person who knows English, or you can ask the faculty member of the company. But nowadays things are going online. So if you have any doubt, you can search online and clear all your doubts. People may be stressed before giving the test. But after giving the test, you will see that the test was so simple. The test is not based on any information. The questions will be asked about your daily routine, and they will see how you respond to that.

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