A Harvest of To-Dos Before Moving Farm Equipment


If a farm’s agriculture and livestock and are its bread and butter (and meat), its machines, from tractors to giant combines, are the essential serving tools for getting these staples ready for the world. Because you care that your machines last for years, as a farmer you do not take shortcuts in maintenance or other areas. In particular, when it comes to moving the heavy pieces for storage or other reasons, you should pay special attention to preparation beforehand, which should include the following procedures.

Go With Experts

When it is time for heavy machinery storage, choose experienced heavy-equipment movers to perform the task. Not only will they have the proper moving vehicles to handle the load, but they will also know the necessary laws and regulations while offering options that will work best for your situation. For example, they may be able to find solutions for breaking down a machine that would otherwise need to be transported as an expensive wide or oversize load.

Peruse Your Manuals

Your owners (or service) manual should outline suggestions that could prove helpful. You may have to read between the lines, however, since some notes will not refer to the specifics of a highway move.


Carefully wash your equipment, especially if you have not done so in some time. By doing so you can prevent grime from baking on over its travels. This chore will also expose any scratches and broken parts that you should take note of. The haulers may require this documentation.


On the road, your machine could be exposed to grimy dirt, fine dust, harsh rain or caustic salt. Attach durable covers to vulnerable openings to keep these damaging elements out, an especially important mission since your tool will be traveling much faster than when it is engaged in work.

Remove Fluids

Ask your moving company what requirements they may have for draining fluids before they hit the road. They may ask you to do so in order to reduce their liability in the instance a leak causes damage to other vehicles on the road. If the trip is lengthy and you plan to store your machine for a number of months, follow the manual’s instructions in this regard.

Moving any piece of farm equipment is a big undertaking. When the machine you need to have relocated is large, then the stakes are raised. You can reap good things when you sow by working with your long-distance hauling company to prepare for the move.

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