4 Ways Say Bye Bye to Household Bugs


Something small with several legs quickly scuttled across the floor, vanishing somewhere into the kitchen cabinets. Now, the pest is making a home amidst your pots and pans. What do you do? How many more are there? Homeowners are going to battle bugs at some point; residents, however, can take steps to reduce exposure, minimizing encounters and infestations. The following are four ways to kick insects to the curb.

  1. Have Experts Treat the Property

Specialists have the knowledge and technology to fight off infestations. Locate a company that focuses on pest control services Cape Coral FL. They can survey the premises to look for issues and apply preventative treatments that make your house less enticing.

  1. Properly Seal Trash

Rats and bugs are actively hunting down dinner. The trashcan is a go-to location, filled with leftovers that smell delicious to them. When disposing of bags, ensure that they are tied tight and dropped within a can. Put the lid on tight so that critters cannot pull it off and feast.

  1. Clean and Vacuum Frequently

Sanitize often, wiping down counters and picking up floors. This eliminates food sources such as crumbs. Sweep or vacuum each night, paying close attention to dining areas. Also, the inside of the drawers is a catch-all for lingering food. Empty it, and any other messy spaces, frequently.

  1. Store Supplies Appropriately

Bugs such as termites seek out organic sources such as wood and stone. When these are left along the home’s perimeter they attack pests easily. Avoid having gardens and other materials near the structural foundation. Instead, keep them out of the way, inside the home or far away from the entrance. Don’t make access easy.

Concentrate on maintaining a clean space, free of clutter and crumbs. Homeowners may also work with professional services to ward off unwanted critters. With the right proactive measures, you can conquer the war with bugs, vacating roaches, and saying sayonara to centipedes.

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