4 Tips for Reducing Dental Appointment Stress


Oral hygiene is an important component of total body health, but many people have deeply rooted fear about visiting a dentist. Whether it’s the sterile facilities or the sound of the Sirona electric handpiece whirling through their mouth, most patients would rather risk poor dental health than deal with their anxieties over a dental exam. Try these tips for reducing your stress over heading to the dentist.

  1. Talk To Your Provider

Let the office staff know that you a struggling with anxiety and fear over the exam and ask what the provider can do to help lower your stress levels. Some providers will prescribe a medication to take before the exam to have you calm and relaxed. Some providers also use sedation dentistry to make the visit more comfortable and stress-free.

  1. Practice Breathing Techniques

When people get anxious, it is natural for breathing to become shallow and rapid. Some people subconsciously start to hold their breath. This doesn’t get enough oxygen down into the lungs or up to the brain and can make a person feel lightheaded. Work on deep breathing exercises when you focus on drawing long, slow breaths to keep a regular flow of oxygen into the lungs.

  1. Schedule Your Appointment Time Carefully

Feeling rushed to make it to an appointment on-tome or trying to relax in the dentist’s office after a stressful day at work only complicates your anxieties. Schedule your appointment when you can feel the most relaxed, either on your day off or on a Saturday morning.

  1. Carefully Choose Your Provider

If you are looking for a new dentist, read online reviews and talk to friends and family for a good recommendation. Finding someone you can trust from someone you already trust can help lower your stress about making an appointment.

As nervous as you may be, don’t put off regular dental exams. Manage your stress with these tips, and prioritize your oral health.

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