4 Recreational Vehicle Necessities


Many people like the idea of vacationing in a recreational vehicle because it allows them to be totally self-sufficient. While that is true, the flip side is that you have to prepare beforehand and make sure that you have everything you need before you set out. Otherwise, it can be difficult to get necessities while on the road. Here are some things to source before your trip.

  1. Generator and Gas Can

A lot of campgrounds have electrical hookups for RVs, but if you have a generator, you can park just about anywhere, whether it has a hookup or not, and run RV appliances such as Dometic air conditioners Key Largo. However, you have to have a gas can to keep it filled, and you shouldn’t use electrical appliances as you would at home when you are running a generator.

  1. Bubble Level

In many instances, the ground where you park your RV may be uneven. This can present a problem since it is best to keep your RV level to prevent damage to the refrigerator and prevent things from falling off the shelves. A bubble level can install somewhere on your trailer and keep your RV level even on uneven ground.

  1. Toilet Chemicals

While it is convenient to have a toilet in the RV, it can also produce some bad smells in between dump stations. There are chemicals you can add to the tank to prevent this. You also need to add chemicals that help break down toilet paper. Porta packs contain both chemicals in one.

  1. Portable Vacuum

If you intend to use your RV for a long trip, a portable vacuum can help keep both the carpets and the bare floors clean without taking up a lot of space.

It is also a good idea to prevent the dirt from getting into the RV in the first place with a door mat that you spread out when you park.


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