How to Check SBI Credit Card Application Status



Whether you are looking for a credit card that earns you value back benefits, reward points, savings on transaction charges, exclusive travel privileges, or discounts on flight tickets and hotel bookings, there is a suitable SBI credit card for you. Depending on your lifestyle and spending pattern, you can browse the range of SBI credit cards and select the right one for yourself. The attractive array of cards includes BPCL SBI credit card, SBI Card PRIME, SBI Card ELITE, SimplyCLICK SBI Credit Card, and so on. Once you have made up your mind you can go and apply for the credit card of your choice.

 How to Apply for an SBI Credit Card?

You can apply for an SBI credit card quickly and conveniently through either online or offline channels. If you opt for the online method, you need to follow the steps mentioned below-

  •       Visit the official website of SBI Card
  •       Go to the ‘Help Me Find a Card’ tab
  •       Once redirected to the apply online page, use the Simplifier feature to choose a card
  •       Click ‘Apply’ when you have selected a card
  •       Fill the application form
  •       Click on ‘Submit’

Alternatively, you could opt to visit the nearest SBI branch and inform the bank executive about your wish to get an SBI credit card. The bank executive would then help you choose the right SBI credit card based on your needs and apply for it.

After the application is through, the bank can either choose to accept your request and give you a new SBI credit card or reject it. If accepted, you would get your card within a few days and access its details through the SBI credit card login on the net banking page. You can also use the same portal to make your SBI credit card payment, view your monthly card statement, or check on available rewards and offers.

However, while you wait to hear from the bank, you can keep a tab on the status of the SBI credit card application by checking for it either online or offline.

How to Check Status of SBI Credit Card Application Online?

You can check the status of SBI credit card application online on the official website of SBI through any of the two methods mentioned below-

Check the status using the SBI credit card application number-

  •       Visit the official website of SBI
  •       Under ‘Credit Cards’ click on the ‘Track Application’ option
  •       Once redirected, choose the ‘Track Application’ option and enter your application number
  •       Click ‘Track’

Check the status without using PAN and date of birth-

  •       Visit the official website of SBI
  •       Under ‘Credit Cards’ click on the ‘Track Application’ option
  •       Once redirected, choose the ‘Retrieve Application’ option
  •       Fill in your PAN number and date of birth
  •       Click on ‘Retrieve’

How to Check Status of SBI Credit Card Application Offline?

If not online, you can also check the status of your SBI credit card offline. There are two ways to do so-

Check status of SBI credit card by calling the customer care-

You can call the customer care helpline of SBI on 1860-180-1290 and request for information regarding the status of your credit card application. If you cannot connect using this number, you can try an alternate number of 39020202. Remember to dial your local STD code as a prefix with the number.

Check status of SBI credit card by visiting the bank branch-

To know about the credit card application status, you can also visit the nearest SBI branch. You can then reach out to an executive at the bank and provide details such as your application number, e-reference number and date of birth, and request for an update regarding the application status.

 Once the status check has been done, your credit card status report would either read- in progress, approved, dispatched, on hold, or disapproved. In progress would imply that the bank hasn’t finished analyzing the application. On hold too means that the process is underway, but there is a need for additional information for which the bank would contact you. If the bank considers that you tick all the boxes, your credit card application will be approved. If it has not only been approved but been sent out to you and is on its way, it would show as dispatched. However, if after all the checks the bank doesn’t think you are eligible for an SBI credit card, your application will get rejected. 


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