3 Tips for Hair Care During the Pandemic


If you are stuck at home, odds are many of the fun things you used to do for “me time,” such as salon appointments, have fallen by the wayside. If you want to keep your hair looking great during the pandemic, here are some easy (and fun) hair care tips to try.

Be Bold

Now is the time to be bold and try something new with your hair, especially since you likely cannot visit your trusted hair salon Northridge CA. Grab a box of dye and try out a totally different color. If that sounds a bit scary, perhaps start with something like a highlighting kit. If you mess up, at least you’ll have tried something new.

Deep Condition

If you’ve been to a salon before, you have likely heard the spiel about deep conditioning and treating your hair to prevent dryness and breakage-but who has the time to do this at home? Well, now you do, so give a hair mask or treatment a try. Deep conditioning not only prevents breakage and strengthens hair, but it also keeps damage from other treatments to a minimum and restores your hair’s natural pH balance. Who knew?

Trim Split Ends

This is much easier said than done, so if you do not feel confident trimming your own hair, find a family member or friend who does. Nothing drastic is needed, and just a quick little trim should be all you need to keep your hair healthy. Split ends can damage and dry your hair out, so do your best to keep them at bay until you can go see a professional for a real cut.

Though it may be tough to get to a salon right now, your hair does not have to suffer. Try these at-home ideas and you’ll have healthy locks-even during the pandemic!


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