3 Annual Home Inspections Never To Skip


Owning a home is actually quite a job. Not only does it require protection, cleaning, and decorating, but the systems that keep your house running smoothly should also be inspected and updated on an annual basis.


Not counting a destructive fire, there may be nothing quite as damaging to a home than water. Prevent floods by hiring a licensed plumbing company Los Angeles CA to complete a yearly inspection of your home’s entire plumbing system. Plumbers can also check for any issues in your gas lines. By finding any issues in your home’s plumbing before they become a real problem, you can save hundreds to thousands of dollars in maintenance and protect your home against devastating floods that easily ruin floors, walls, and ceilings. 

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

In most climates, a home’s HVAC capabilities are extremely important to its overall comfort and livability. HVAC technicians can perform basic maintenance and run diagnostic tests to make sure the system is running to its full functionality. A sluggish AC unit may simply require more Freon or a system flush to work to its full cooling potential. A yearly check-up could save you the cost of completely replacing the unit.


A review of your home’s power and electricity usage is especially important if you wish to transition to a green energy lifestyle; however, many homes that are over twenty years old may need some updates through the years. Loose wiring can be dangerous in inclement weather; your home’s power may be experiencing too high of voltage causing blown fuses. An electrician can diagnose any issues your home may be experiencing or recommend cleaner methods of power that can suit your needs.

With a few simple and affordable home inspections, these professionals can save your home from damage and your wallet from expensive fixes.

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