2020 Best Android Spying Software Review – TheOneSpy 


From the past couple of decades, technology has been the decisive factor in our lives. We depend on technology in many matters of our lives. Android devices are one of the advanced technologies which have enriched our lives. Besides that, it has some drawbacks like we usually listen about digital crimes like bullying, cyberstalking or harassment which are mostly occurred through android phones. 

Social media has completely engulfed kids in useless activities. Parents are worried about their child’s future. Likewise, employees make useless calls to friends, unlimited text messages or gossip with colleagues during duty. A business wants to keep its employees focused on work. It is only possible with strict surveillance. 

Spy software is the most convenient solution for parents and employers, which empowers them to remotely and secretly monitor kids and employees at any time. TOS is the best spy software for android which is reliably and efficiently working from many years. Let us know how TOS will remain best still in 2020. 

TheOneSpy Android Spying Software 

TOS is the choice of 85% people because it is trustworthy and powerful software which offers multiple Android apps based on outstanding features. It smoothly works with every android device and gets all online and offline information of the targeted device. It is the best surveillance application which claims to prevent kids/employers from harmful things. 

To maintain business goodwill, managers use TOS software to track their faithful employee’s activities. It leads them to the conclusion that an employee is sincere with a job or not, is the employee contributing properly to teamwork or not, which an employee is entitled to award? Or which of the employees has some intension to harm business etc. 

Similarly, parents use TOS to monitor their kid’s hidden friends, secret doings, and inappropriate activities as well. Besides that, an individual is also getting benefit from TheOneSpy by recording their important activities/ information and by secretly watching their partner’s unlimited use of Android. 

Features of TheOneSpy Android Spyware 

 TheOneSpy offers an outstanding feature-based application which gives priority to users’ privacy. A user can remotely monitor any activity be activating the relative feature. TheOneSpy has 250 plus powerful features which are more than any other software have. Some are common and some are advance which differs TOS from its competitors. 

Here we listed some common and unique features of TheOneSpy for Android Spying. 

  • Live 360 Surrounding Recorder 
  • Live 360 Camera streaming 
  • Screen Recorder 
  • IM 
  • Android Multimedia Tracker 
  • Geo-Fencing 
  • GPS Location Tracker 
  • Call Logs and SMS Tracker 
  • Social Media Accounts Tracker 
  • Browsing History Tracker 

How the TOS is gives Value to its Android users? 

Besides, facilitating users with reliable features, TOS also serves its customers with extra services which attract people. It values the user’s money by serving them uniquely. 


  • 24/7 Help Desk 


TOS customer support service team serves customers 24/7 by giving satisfying answers to everyone’s question. 


  • Expert Technicians 


If a user faces any problem during the installation process, so TOS expert technical team help them to resolve their technical issue. 


  • Keylogger Feature 


TOS Keylogger is one of the richest features that empower the user to spies on secret account names and passwords of the targeted person. It also enables the user to know the targeted person’s hidden things. 


  • Money-Back Guarantee 


If a customer mistakenly buys the wrong app which does not with their Android version, so TOS allows them to return it within 14 days and buy other compatible apps. 


  • Mighty Alarms 


A user can put alarms on specific activities/ information performs by the targeted person. So, when a user will do that activity or access that information, TOS will send an automatic alert to the user’s online portal. 


  • 3-Minute Installation 


TOS has a simple installation process. A user only needs to read simple instructions of TOS regarding installation. By carefully following instructions, a user can install an app within 3 minutes. 


Finally, it turns out that TOS provides a complete solution to meet the needs of Android users. Its cell phone spy app features are user-friendly, which the user can confidently use and get most out of in real-time. It is predicted that TOS will remain top in the coming years as long as it maintains its standard services.

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