Why People Book For B1 English test


People book this type of test to get a certificate of English. In that certificate, it is written that a particular person can communicate in the English language. By the help of the certificate, you can go to the country you want. But the country language should be English only. Where there is the English language that means you can get the visa of that country very easily. It is a level of CEFR.

There are many different levels of this CEFR. So the country will see that if you have a proper certificate from which you can go. By the help of the certificate, you can get citizenship also. Mainly people write for this purpose only. Mainly you will get the visa of UK because this type of English is done in UK only. So people who want to go to the UK they apply for the test. Nowadays, B1 test booking is made online—so no need to go directly to the embassy.

Booking Doubts

Suppose you are new in this type of test. Then you will have many doubts in your mind. You can clear your doubts by seeing the site. And if you have more doubt, you can contact customers care services. But mainly the site itself will clear your doubt. One more main thing is that people bye mistakenly give the test in the wrong company. So before you give the test search about the site in which you are going to give a test.

While booking you have to fill the details correctly. Suppose you have made any mistake try to clear as fast as possible. And one more main thing is that write your details which matches your ID. The ID should not be expired. You have to show your ID at the time of the test. So the examiner will see that you are the real person.

About B1 Test

There will two tests. In the first test, you can select a topic. Means there will be many topics so you can select any of them. And can talk on it. You just have to communicate for only 5 minutes, not more than that. The first test will be in an informal type. You can use words which are informal. The topics are not based on any scientific theory. The topic will be on normal things which you do every day in normal word basic things. But after you give the first test. There will be a second round of yours which is a second test. In this test also you will get the time of 5 minutes. But here you cannot select the topic.

 The topic will only be chosen by the person who is conducting the test. In this, there will be two topics. You only have to talk about the topic. Do not give answers in a short sentence. If you can make it long, that is for your good only. The examiner will know that you know English. So by this, you can impress the examiner. And by one more thing, you can impress by using good vocabulary. Know word which is used more on the time of questioning and answering.

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