What is meant by image optimization?


Image optimization is a process which is used to retain the quality of image. This is done by minimizing the file size without giving up on picture quality. This process may sound difficult but isn’t. There are various tools and plugins available online which helps in image optimization. On the other hand various software such as Photoshop, image optim are used for image optimization. The process of optimization is done through compression technology in which the size of the image is reduced without any loss in image quality. Check how to get famoid free followers.

What are the benefits associated with image optimization:

There are various benefits associated with image optimization. Image optimization tends to be important for your website in terms of user experience, improved page speed, and SEO rankings. Image optimization helps to improve user experience. Optimized images loads faster due to reduced size which gives a better experience to user. Due to optimized image the user can easily view the image without waiting for too much long. This not only delivers betters results on your page but it also assists your on page SEO. Moreover, optimization of images helps to improve page speed. Without optimization it may take a lot of time to load image over web. This will make the user frustrate and he may not visit your website again. Page speed and SEO works together simultaneously. If you run an e-commerce website then it is very necessary to focus on optimization of images because your revenue is on stake. By reducing the size of your image your page will load faster and will bring new customers.

How to improve image quality for web performance?

There are various software used for the optimization of images. One of the best software which is widely used now days is Photoshop. This program comes up with an option where you can save image for web purpose. On the other hand GIMP is another software which plays the same role as Photoshop does. Click here for more books.

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