What are solar appliances?


Renewable energy is a very trendy topic, which most of us associate with solar panels. But what about other solar appliances? Let us introduce you to some solar products that may change your way of thinking about powering your house or business with the use of sunlight.

Solar products to light up your life

The sun has always been the source of light for us, but its power went off at dusk. Now, as the times have changed, we are able to use solar power to brighten up our homes at night. The photovoltaic market offers a range of solar products: starting from single solar lamps to more complex lantern systems that can provide lighting to a room or even entire building. This can be achieved by mounting the solar panel on the roof. Such photovoltaic lamps may work for up to 4 hours a day. 

Solar products also involve street lights systems. These, provided they are fully charge, may give out the light for up to 8 hours each night. 

Solar products in the kitchen

Not all of us know how successful photovoltaics is in replacing traditional house appliances with solar-powered ones. Some of the most useful solar products involve solar cookers. There are a few types to choose from: for general cooking there are panel cookers and box cookers, for frying or grilling – parabolic cookers and relatively new tube cookers for cooking meat or vegetables. All these types are based on the power of reflecting sun rays from shiny outer panels and directing the energy to the cooking point.

There are also other solar products that can be used in the kitchen: solar refrigerators, coffee machines, dishwashers… The range is still growing and it is safe to say that soon we will be able to replace our traditional appliances with solar products in order to save money and the planet.

Other house savings

One of the most useful solar products is a solar water heater. The device can serve your domestic or even business needs by simply collecting energy from sunlight and transporting it into a storage water tank. There, by circulation, water is heated and the temperature rises. This solar product is a great investment, especially because, if properly maintained, it can serve for up to 20 years.

Last but not least…

A solar product we are all familiar with is a calculator. Many calculators have a tiny solar panel on its front, which powers the useful device. It has become so typical for calculators, that some cheap ones powered by batteries still mount “dummy” panels on their fronts to keep the traditional look!

Which of these solar products is your first choice in switching to renewable energy?

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